Keep track of overdue shipments

An overdue shipment is an order that you were supposed to have shipped by a certain time, but you have gone beyond that time and the shipment has not been shipped. The ship dates are typically tracked in the Requested, Promised, or Do not ship before/after fields on each Sales Order.

Keeping track of overdue shipments using Business Alerts:

  1. Go to Alerts > Business Alerts or click the Alerts button on the icon bar to open the Business Alerts window.
  2. Select the Sales Order Mgmt tab.
  3. From the Type drop-down field select Open Orders.
  4. Select Overdue, from the Due drop down. This will show all orders with a Requested or Promised date earlier than today.
  5. To filter on a specific Salesperson, select their name in the Salesperson drop-down. To view all orders, select All to not filter on a specific salesperson.
  6. In order to open a specific order, either double-click on the row or click View Order.
  7. Once the Sales Order opens, you can take whatever action is necessary to complete and ship this order.
Posted in Sales - Last modified on March 15, 2019
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