Setup Fedex using Default Templates

Configuring FedEx Ship Manager to Import data from Acctivate

  1. Make certain that you complete the ODBC setup before you begin the FedEx integration process.
    • The ODBC name MUST be: AcctivateODBC
  2. Download the Fedex Templates here FEDEX
    1. If you are using EDI/Packaging Manager you will need the file labeled AcctivateEDI
    2. If you are not using EDI/Packaging Manager use the file named Acctivate
  3. Open File explorer and find one of the following folders:
    • C:\ProgramData\FedEx\Integration\Templates
    • C:\ProgramData\FedEx\Integration\Profiles
  4. Move the files you need and paste into these folders, it may currently be blank.
    • (depending on your version of the FedEx software you may only see one of the above folders)
  5. Open FedEx Ship Manager,   From the top drop-down menu, click Integration >  The Acctivate template should show on the drop down, select itfp15-1
  6. Click Clear Fields in the left corner, a small window reading Lookup Value will appear.
  7.  Enter an order number from Acctivate and check to ensure it imports correctly.fp15-2
Posted in Shipping - Last modified on October 8, 2019
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