Create lot/serial numbered products

How do I create lot/serial numbered products?

You must have the Serial/Lot number control add-on module to perform the following steps.

Creating lot/serial numbered products :

  1. Select Inventory > Product Information to open the Product Information window.
  2. Click the New button on toolbar
  3. In the Product ID field enter the product ID of the new product.
  4. In the header portion of the window, enter required information into the yellow fields (Description, Item Type, Product Type, Product Class and Unit of Measure) and all other necessary information.
  5. In the Inventory tab > Control Type field select either Serial Numbered or Lot Numbered (depending on what type of product you are creating) or Number when Invoiced (for serial or lot numbered products).
  6. To add a warehouse, click the Add Warehouse button in the Inventory tab. The ‘Add Product to Warehouse’ prompt will open; select the appropriate warehouse from the drop-down and click the Addbutton.Repeat this step for each warehouse, if you will have multiple warehouses.
  7. Enter all other information in the provided tabs and click the Save button when you are finished defining the product that will contain lot or serial numbered products.After you have saved the product, the system will create a Serial #’s or Lots tab.Note:The specific lot or serial numbers will be assigned to these products when they are received into inventory (in the Inventory Receipts window) and they will be displayed in the Serial #’s or Lots tab.
Posted in Inventory - Last modified on September 2, 2016Lauren Stine
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