“Incorrect Syntax near ‘R'” posting transactions or invoices.

An “Incorrect Syntax near ‘R'” exception may be received when posting Inventory Transactions or Credit Memos and Invoices. The exception is returned due to some type of issue with running certain procedures from time to time. We have found this to be an issue in certain versions of SQL Server 2005. If you are running SQL Server 2005 Workgroup or Standard RTM or service pack 1 we recommend you install the latest service pack for SQL Server.

You can use this link to download Service Pack 4 for the proper version of SQL Server you are currently running. If you are unsure about which version of SQL Server you are running, log into ACCTivate and go up to Help -> View Usage Metrics. Scroll down to the SQL Version line.

Posted in Purchasing, Sales, Technology - Last modified on August 17, 2012
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