Barcodes for Warehouse Locations

In order to create a barcode font that you can use to scan in the Warehouse Location, you have to create a formula in Crystal Reports in order to designate the barcode as a “Warehouse Location” barcode.

In Crystal Reports, you will create a new formula on the Location field, presumably in the ProductWarehouse view. The formula should show as:

// Capture Warehouse Location from database field
stringVar strLocation := {WarehouseLocation.Description};

// Generate barcode for strLocation value
IDAutomation_Uni_UCC128(ChrW(202) + "99" + strLocation)

The “99” designation represents the application identifier for a Warehouse Location.

Once you have created the formula and added this to the report, you can then change the font to one of the IDAutomation Uni fonts. Notice the different sizes of the font available. You will want to make sure the barcode field on the report is wide enough to display all the barcode.

The example above uses the WarehouseLocation data view.  You may need to replace {WarehouseLocation.Description} based on the report you’re creating.  Here is a list of Warehouse Location fields available in the Acctivate database:

Database Field Notes
{INVTransactionDetail.Location} Inventory transactions
{LocationSummary.Location} All Location(s) per Product per Warehouse
{LotSerialInventory.Location} Last Location for Lot/Serial numbers
{OrderDetail.Location} Picking Location for Sales Order lines
{OrderDetailLot.Location} Picking Location for Lot/Serial numbers on a Sales Order
{ProductWarehouse.Location} or
Primary Location per Product per Warehouse
{WarehouseLocation.Description} All Locations per Warehouse


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