Receive “The previous installation has not completed yet…” message when trying to install Acctivate

A rather common Windows Installer bug may cause the installation of Acctivate to not start properly. You may receive a message stating:

A previous installation has not completed yet. Please reboot the system to allow the previous install to complete before starting the Acctivate

The fix is rather simple. Follow these steps to resolve this Windows Installer message from stopping the installation of Acctivate on your computer.

  • First, verify a reboot doesn’t resolve this error. If a reboot is performed and you still receive the Windows Installer error, procede on to the next steps.
  • In Windows XP, go to Start -> run. In Windows Vista, go to Start. Type in ‘Regedit’. This will open the registry. We will be editing one of the registry keys that wasn’t properly removed during a reboot as it should have been.
  • In the registry, you will browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
  • In the Session Manager directory, you will see a registry key named ‘PendingFileRenameOperations‘.
  • Right-click this key and select to Rename. Rename this key to be something like ‘PendingFileRenameOperations_OLD’.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to rename the ‘Key‘ under Session Manager and ‘NOT‘ to rename the ‘Folder‘ called ‘FileRenameOperations’)
  • Start the installation of Acctivate again.

NOTE: Editing the registry of your computer can cause many problems. We recommend you back up the registry properly before you edit or remove any keys. Follow this kb article on how to back up the registry.

Posted in Installation - Last modified on May 18, 2017Eric Cartrite
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