Microsoft SQL Server Express Editions

Acctivate utilizes the Microsoft SQL Server database engine.  Many companies are able to use the included, free Express Edition.  Companies with a higher transaction volume may be required to upgrade to the SQL Server Standard edition to increase performance and capacity.

SQL Server Express includes the following limitations on the database file size, plus memory and processor utilization limits.

SQL Server Version Database File Size Memory (RAM) Processor (CPU)
2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2GB 2GB 1 cpu*
2005 Express 4GB 1GB 1 cpu
2008 Express 4GB 1GB 1 cpu
2008 R2 Express 10GB 1GB 1 cpu
2012 Express 10GB 1GB 1 socket, up to 4 cores
2014 Express 10GB 1GB 1 socket, up to 4 cores

*SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) included a workload governor limiting the database engine to 8 concurrent operations.  This limitation was removed in SQL Server 2005 Express and later versions.

View the complete comparison chart of all SQL Server Editions from Microsoft.

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