Receive Synchronization error: “An exception occurred! Type:UTFDataFormatException…”

When running a Synchronization with QuickBooks you may receive error:

 Error Customer [SynchronizeQBCustomers][GetQBCustomerRS][DoRequestsWithLog]ACCTivate (-2147220735) An exception occurred! Type:UTFDataFormatException, Message:invalid byte 2 (r) of a 4-byte sequence.SAXParseException: error at line 13892, column 12 in XML data. See S:\Log\XMLLog.txt for details

This can be resolved by modifying the QuickBooks Integrated Application Certificate.

  1. Log into your QuickBooks company file
  2. Switch to Single-user mode.
  3. Go up to Edit -> Preferences. Select ‘Integrated Applications’ on the left hand side.
  4. Under Company Preferences, select ‘Acctivate’ and then select ‘Properties’.
  5. There is an option, depending on the version of QuickBooks you are running, to enable the synchronization of Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Information, and other Personal Data. Enable this option.
  6. Save and close QuickBooks preferences.
  7. Run another synchronization with Acctivate.

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