Acctivate cannot sync with Quickbooks because it is running with administrator privileges

A limitation in QuickBooks may prevent synchronization when using the “run as administrator” option.

UPDATE: This restriction was removed in Acctivate version 8.1.1 with QuickBooks 2011 US (2012 Int’l) R7 or later.

If you try to sync while running as admin, you may see a message like this:RunAsAdminSync

Users do not normally Run as Administrator, but after installing an Acctivate update you may occasionally be asked to do so in order to install updated components.

If you are seeing this message when trying to sync, review the following issues:

1. If this is your first log in after updating Acctivate, you may have been asked to run as administrator once in order to install updated components. Typically you would have done this by right clicking on your Acctivate shortcut and selecting Run as Administrator. After these have finished installing, you are free to close and relaunch Acctivate without administrator privileges.

2. In prior versions of Acctivate this component update would sometimes fail, and customers would often set Acctivate to run as admin on each launch. This bug has since been corrected, and you may be running as administrator each time without knowing!

Use the following steps to change this:

  1. Right-click the Acctivate shortcut and click Properties
  2. Select the Shortcut tab
  3. Click the Advanced button
  4. Make sure the Run as administrator option is unchecked
  5. Click OK then Apply


3. Acctivate may also be set to run as admin through the Compatibility tab of the Acctivate Properties window (if you are launching Acctivate over a network drive, this tab will be disabled).

  1. From the same Acctivate Properties window mentioned above, click the Compatibility tab.
  2. Uncheck Run this program as an administrator.
  3. Click Change settings for all users, and make sure that it is also unchecked here.
  4. Click OK twice.


4. Verify that you are not logged in as Administrator! Your Windows session must be logged in with a user account other than “Administrator”.

5. If you are still having issues, make sure you have not used the compatibility wizard or other tools to run as admin. Alternatively, contact Acctivate Tech Support.


Posted in QuickBooks and Sync - Last modified on September 9, 2015
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