“User Account Control must be turned on” message

A “User Account Control must be turned on” message may be received when trying to synchronize with QuickBooks.  Older versions of QuickBooks may requires Windows User Account Control (UAC) to be turned on in order for third party applications to synchronize with QuickBooks.

UPDATE: This restriction was removed in Acctivate version 8.1.1 with QuickBooks 2011 US (2012 Int’l) R7 or later.

Please refer to the following information if you are using an older version of Acctivate and/or QuickBooks.

Using Windows Vista, follow this link to enable UAC
Using Windows 7 or Server 2008, follow this link to enable or increase the level of UAC.

Please note,QuickBooks requires UAC to be enabled. If you are logged into Windows as the ‘Administrator’ User, you can NOT enable UAC. Therefore, with these Windows operating systems, you will not be able to synchronize with QuickBooks as the ‘Administrator’ Windows User.

Posted in QuickBooks and Sync - Last modified on September 16, 2015
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