Special Order Purchasing Wizard

The Special Order Purchasing Wizard allows products to be designated as special order items and consolidates multiple scheduled sales orders with special order items for multiple customers into a single purchase order for each vendor. This then allows the special order products to be received into a warehouse and shipped out of that warehouse.

To create and define a default warehouse for special order items, follow the instructions listed here. The option also exists to make an item Special Order Only. This should only be used if the item will always be special ordered and never ordered to stay in stock for other orders.

Entering a sales order for special orders

  1. Select Sales > Sales Order and create a new sales order.
  2. Select the Detail tab to enter the products.
  3. There are two options for entering Special Order lines.
    1. If the special order item is not defined as such on the Product window (Item Type), click inside the Type field first and choose S – Special Order.

    2. If the product is defined as Special Order then just enter the product and the line type will automatically appear.
  4. When utilizing a default special order warehouse on the Branch, the W/H field will default to that warehouse. If not, select the appropriate warehouse.
  5. Click Save.

Create Purchase Orders for Special Order Items

  1. Click Purchasing > Special Order Wizard.
    Note: Product lines from all scheduled sales orders marked as special order (S line type) will display in this wizard based on the specific warehouse. If a purchase order has already been created for a product line, then it will not be shown.
  2. The wizard defaults to the preferred vendor, price and requested date for each product line designated to a special order. This can be overridden in Edit mode.
  3. Make sure all the products that you want to create purchase orders for have a checked box to the left. When in Edit mode, the Select All checkbox near the top, selects all displayed products and if any need to be deselected that can be done manually.
  4. Click Save when you are done making changes and click the Create POs button.
  5. You will see a prompt with the total number of POs created. The created purchase orders will now exist as Issued purchase orders which can be printed like normal Purchase Orders.

Receiving Shipment into the Warehouse

  1. When the shipment arrives, open the Special Purchase Order and receive the items.
  2. Once the receipt posts to inventory, the related Sales Order detail line will be automatically Scheduled based on the received quantity for shipment.
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