Purchase Invoice window may not display all items

The Purchase Invoice window will show all items that aren’t completed on the Purchase Order. There are a couple of scenarios in which an item can be completed without the item being included on the Purchase Invoice.

  • Marking the Purchase Order as ‘Complete’ and then toggling the status back to ‘Issued’ will NOT unmark the line items as ‘Complete’.
  • Manually checking the checkbox next to the line item on the Purchase Order will mark the line item as ‘Complete’.

Open the related Purchase Order. Verify the items you still need to invoice are not marked as complete. If you see a checkmark to the left of the line item on the PO, then you should simply uncheck the checkbox. Save the PO. You should now be able to refresh the PO and Invoice the remaining items.

Posted in Purchasing - Last modified on June 6, 2019
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