Acctivate may crash on computers running TeamViewer

Acctivate may crash when displaying the Find Product window when TeamViewer is running on the PC.  This is a known problem* with the TeamViewer QuickConnect feature.

First, check to see if TeamViewer QuickConnect is running on Acctivate.  The QuickConnect icon appears in the Acctivate Title Bar (shown below).

Luckily, there is a simple solution for this problem.  You can disable the QuickConnect feature in TeamViewer for specific applications, such as Acctivate.

  1. Open TeamViewer options from the Extras menu in TeamViewer
  2. Click the Advanced menu on the left, then Configure… QuickConnect button
  3. Type Acctivate.exe and click Add
  4. Confirm that Acctivate.exe is now in the Disabled Applications list and click OK
  5. Restart Acctivate on the affected workstation(s).

*Last reported in TeamViewer version 7.0.12799

NOTE: This problem is not an Acctivate bug.  It has been reported for numerous other applications, such as Adobe Illustrator/Flash, SecondLife Viewer, Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

Posted in Installation - Last modified on September 9, 2015Cassandra Creasy
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