“Unable to login to database server” on 64bit versions of Windows

If you receive the message “Unable to login to database server” when loading Acctivate on a 64bit machine, you may also be prompted on the machine to “run as administrator” each time you try to run Acctivate.

On the server, in the \\Server\..\ACCTivate\ClientFiles folder, there is a component we distribute called SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility. We distribute a version of this SQL Server component for 32bit machines and one for 64bit machines. You either need to manually run this component installer or the installer may not have automatically run at startup if the installer doesn’t exist.

In the event this file can’t be found in the ClientFiles folder, we recommend you run the latest Cumulative Update on your server.  This will properly copy the component file into the ClientFiles folder.  The next time you try to run Acctivate the component will be properly installed.

Posted in Installation - Last modified on September 16, 2015Cassandra Creasy
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