Database Maintenance

The Acctivate Database Maintenance utility is designed to manage the Acctivate company list, connection to the database server, and enable users to create a new backup or restore an existing backup file.

Database Maintenance is located on the Windows Start menu, in the Acctivate folder. You can open Database Maintenance by selecting Start > All Programs > Acctivate > Database Maintenance.
 database maint
The Database Maintenance utility contains four main functions:

Backup / Restore

This can be accessed by selecting Database > Backup/Restore. If the “Backup” option is selected, users can create a snapshot of the SQL Server database in a folder on your server. If the “Restore” options is selected, users can overwrite their current Acctivate company data with the data stored in a previously created backup (.bkf) file.
database maint 2

Database Verify

Selecting Database > Database Verify allows users to check and repair the structure of the database.  This function runs automatically after upgrading to a new version of Acctivate. It is usually not necessary to run this feature.
database maint 3

Database Info

Selecting Database > Database Info will display a list of all current Acctivate companies, along with the corresponding QuickBooks company file (QBW).
database maint 4

Database Sources

Selecting Database > Database Sources displays a list of Microsoft SQL Server database servers available to Acctivate. Most companies have one SQL database server that hosts multiple company databases.
database maint 5.

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