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As of Acctivate version 9.0 and earlier, Acctivate EDI Manager is a separate install from the Acctivate server/workstation software. EDI Manager is used locally, so each user that plans to import and export EDI documents will need to install EDI Manager on their workstation. When Acctivate updates are installed on the server (prior to version 10.0) you will also need to install an EDI Manager Update on each computer using EDI Manager.

To install and/or update Acctivate EDI Manager:

  1. Log in to http://help.acctivate.com/downloads using your support ID and password
  2. Scoll down the page until you reach the “Acctivate EDI Manager” section, then click the EDI Install link
  3. Run the exe file that was just downloaded on the workstation, then click “Next”
  4. Accept the license terms, then continue to click “Next” until reaching the Locate Acctivate Folder step
  5. In the Folder Name field, enter the filepath where the Acctivate share is located on your server. This is generally “\\ServerName\Acctivate”, where ServerName is the name of your server.EDI Manager acctivate share
  6. Click “Install”, then “Finish” after the installation completes. You will now be able to run EDI Manager on the workstation.
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