Workstations unable to connect to database due to multiple server IP addresses.

In some very specific scenarios, Workstations may not be able to connect to the SQL Server when launching Acctivate. The exact cause is still somewhat unknown. Here are some of the scenarios in which this may happen:

  • If your physical Server computer has multiple IP Addresses ( – 4), but SQL Server is listening on just one or a few of these available server ports (
  • If your physical Server is using IPv4 and IPv6 local link addresses, but SQL      Server is listening on an IPv4 address.

There are a couple of simple workarounds for this.

  1. On the Workstation, disable the Windows Firewall. This may allow SQL Server to properly communicate using the IP address that SQL Server is listening on.
  2. In Database Maintenance -> Database -> Database Sources, change the Servername for both the MSDE and Acctivate Data Sources to be the IP Address instead of the name of the Computer. For instance, change ‘SERVER\ACCTIVATE’ to be the IPv4 Address of your server, such as ‘\ACCTIVATE’. Save your changes and close Database Maintenance.

Contact Acctivate Support if you require further assistance.

Posted in Installation - Last modified on May 21, 2019
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