Resize and maximize Acctivate windows

Acctivate  features several windows that users are able to maximize and resize at their convenience to view more information at once. The system also has the ability to remember the size of each window for when it is reopened at a later time.

The following windows can be resized:

File menu
  • Configuration Manager
  • Import Data
Alerts menu
  • Business Alerts
  • Dashboard
Activities menu
  • Business Activity
  • Business Activity Review
  • Business Activity Scheduling
  • Activity Billing Wizard
Customer menu
  • Customer information
Inventory menu
  • Product information
  • Price code maintenance
  • Inventory count entry
  • All inventory transactions windows
Purchasing menu
  • Purchase order
  • Drop ship wizard
  • Special order wizard
  • Purchase invoice
Sales menu
  • Quick quote
  • Sales quote
  • Sales order
  • Service order
  • Credit memo
Packaging menu
  • Shipment packaging
Web stores menu
  • Web store sync
Help menu
  • View usage metrics
All menus
  • All report windows
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