Enter a customer job

A customer job can be created through the Customer Information window for an existing customer and linked to that customer. Jobs created in QuickBooks can be opened and edited in Acctivate as well.

Creating New Customer Job

  1. Select Customer > Customer Information to open the Customer window, or you may click Customer icon.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Add New Customer button in the window.
  3. Select Add new job from the drop-down menu. CustomerJob1
  4. The Job checkbox will be checked.  Click the magnifying glass to open the Find Customer window. CustomerJob2
  5. Select the customer the job is for. This customer will populate the Customer field on the top-right.
  6. The Customer tab will automatically populate based on the existing information for the customer.
  7. In the Job name field enter a name for the job.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. The customer job has now been saved into the system and linked to the customer. All customers with jobs will have a Jobs tab within the Customer Information window, in which a job can be opened from the tab by double-clicking a job.The customer can also be accessed from a job by clicking the View Customer button at the top-right next to the Customer field.
  10. Orders can be entered for customer jobs in the Sales Order window.
Posted in Customer - Last modified on March 22, 2019
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