Added Cost Receipts vs Landed Cost

Acctivate includes both Landed Cost and Added Cost Inventory Receipt transactions.  Landed Cost allows you to allocate a vendor bill automatically to multiple inventoried items.  Added Cost Receipts are simply Inventory Receipts entered with a zero quantity, but a non-zero amount.  Landed Cost is an add-on module, but Added Cost Receipts are available for all users.


You should review with your accountant how to handle these items. The following table shows the differences in the way these transactions work.

Landed Cost Added Cost Receipts
Allocate by Weight, Qty or Value No Allocation
Link to Original Inventory Transaction(s) Not Linked to Transaction(s)
Creates Vendor Bill (optional) Enter Bill manually in Accounts Payable
“Accrued Landed Cost” G/L account “Accrued Purchase Receipts” G/L account
Original FIFO / LIFO Cost Layer “Last” FIFO / LIFO Cost Layer by date
Transaction Date from original Transaction(s) Single Transaction Date from Session


Posted in Inventory, Purchasing - Last modified on May 18, 2016
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