Customer Ship-To Fields for Message Templates

The following table lists the data fields that can be entered into the body of an Email Message Template to request specific customer ship-to from the database. Use the message template field as shown in the table. These message template fields can be used when the email message template type is set to Customer Ship-To or All.

Database Field Message Template Field
Customer Ship-To Template Type 
CustID {{CustID}}
LocationID {{LocationID}}
Address1 {{Address1}}
Address2 {{Address2}}
Address3 {{Address3}}
Address4 {{Address4}}
City {{City}}
State {{State}}
Zip {{Zip}}
Country {{Country}}
Attn {{Attn}}
Phone {{Phone}}
PhoneDesc {{PhoneDesc}}
Fax {{Fax}}
FaxDesc {{FaxDesc}}
Email {{Email}}
EmailDesc {{EmailDesc}}
AltPhone {{AltPhone}}
AltPhoneDesc {{AltPhoneDesc}}
Mobile {{Mobile}}
MobileDesc {{MobileDesc}}
Pager {{Pager}}
PagerDesc {{PagerDesc}}
Status {{Status}}
Default {{Default}}
CreatedBy {{CreatedBy}}
CreatedDate {{CreatedDate}}
UpdatedBy {{UpdatedBy}}
UpdatedDate {{UpdatedDate}}
Comment {{Comment}}
PopupNotes {{PopupNotes}}
TaxCatID {{TaxCatID}}
TaxCatDescription {{TaxCatDescription}}

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