Manage Price Categories

Price categories allow you to do a price structure on a group of products versus one product at a time. This feature enables users to add products to a group in order to assign pricing based on Price Code.

To group the products into categories, you assign the Price Category to the products either through a product import or on each individual item. This category name can be selected from a list or created (manually typing in the field) on the fly.

Price Categories

After a category name is saved in the system, they can be maintained for each price code in the Price Maintenance window.

Create a new price category or select an already existing one

  1. Click on the Product button on your icon bar or go to Inventory > Product Information to open the Product Information window.
  2. Depending on what you want to do, either lookup an existing product using the Lookup button to the right of the Product ID field or create a new product using the Add new product button.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select the Prices tab
  5. To enter a new category, put the cursor in the Price Category field and manually type the name. If you wish to use an existing category, select from the provided drop down list (available after saving the manually typed name on another product).
  6. Click the Save button.

Assign Price Categories to Price Codes

To maintain details for the price category you created in the Product Information window or an existing one, go to the Maintain Price Codes window. This is where price categories are set for the price codes (defined in the Configuration Manager).

  1. Select Inventory > Price Code Maintenance to open the Maintain Price Codes window.
  2. Select the price code you wish to modify by clicking the drop-down menu inside the Price Code field. A list of the price codes that have been created in the Configuration Manager will appear.
    Maintain Price Codes
  3. After a price code has been selected, the main section of the window will display the current categories and products that are currently covered under this price code.
  4. To add a category to this price code, select the Categories tab.
  5. Click inside the Price Category field of the blank line (with an asterisk to the left) to define a new category for the selected price code. You can also edit an existing category by just clicking in the fields you want to modify.
  6. Click the drop-down arrow in this field, which will contain the new price category you created in the Product Information window and other ones you’ve already created.
    Select Price Category
  7. Select the price category you want to define for the price code you’ve selected.
  8. Assign a price to the category selected, as well as price Type. Acctivate offers multiple ways for the selling price to be determined for each product. We allow pricing based off of the pre-defined list of price types.
    Price Type
  9. Select one of these price methods, according to your needs and enter the corresponding information in the Price / Pct (either an amount or a whole number for percentage: 50 for 50%) and Unit fields.
  10. Enter information into the following fields (if necessary):
    • Effective – The date the price goes into effect.
    • Expiration – The date the price ends.
    • Low Qty – The minimum number of pieces needed to purchase for this price.
    • High Qty – The maximum number of pieces this price is good for.
    • Note – General note attached to price code.
Posted in Inventory - Last modified on June 26, 2018
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