Synchronizing with QuickBooks

To Synchronize Acctivate and QuickBooks, you initiate the process from within Acctivate by going to the QuickBooks menu and choose Synchronize with QuickBooks. In the window that appears, you will click Start Sync, which will begin the sync process. Acctivate

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Pending Amazon Orders and ChannelAdvisor

Acctivate integrates with the web store ChannelAdvisor, which can act as a web platform that consolidates orders and inventory quantities for other web shopping carts such as Amazon.  Acctivate will import in orders from ChannelAdvisor based on the ordered date

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Error from Crystal Reports: Too many items have been given to this array.

If attempting to print over 1,000 records (invoices, orders, pick tickets, etc.), you will receive the following message:   Error from Crystal Reports: Too many items have been given to this array. Acctivate passes the records to Crystal Reports in

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Split a Lot Number into a new Lot

There may be a time where you need to split a lot number into a new lot. In order to maintain the trace ability of the original lot, an inventory assembly transaction needs to be used to pull the existing

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Print Labels By PO

Acctivate allows you to generate product labels from a vendor Purchase Order based on the products ordered and purchase order quantities. From the Purchase Order window, you would click the ‘Labels’ button in order to see the label options; you

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Summarize COGS by Customer / Job

When configuring the Sales and Cost of Goods Sold account mapping, there is an option that can be enabled allowing COGS journals to be summarized by the Customer / Job on the invoice. To toggle this option navigate to File> Configuration

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Order Instructions and Comments on Forms

The Sales Order window allows you to record instructions and comments. By default, this information will display on certain sales forms (if you have customized your sales order forms, then this article may not be accurate for you). You can

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Recommendations for Rescheduling Sales Orders

When entering in a Scheduled order, or changing a Quote or Booked order to a Scheduled status, Acctivate allocates as much available inventory as possible to that order. This allocation of inventory availability is referred to as ‘Scheduling’. During this

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Scheduling Quotes and Sales Order

In order to process (pick, pack, ship, invoice) a sales order in Acctivate, the order status must be Scheduled, and there must be at least one scheduled quantity for the ordered products. There may be instances where an order has been

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Inventory Control Types

For many, tracking the total quantity on hand of your products is all that is needed to operate efficiently. However, there may be some instances where tracking individual units of a product is equally important, and possibly a requirement. Products in

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