Scheduling Quotes and Sales Order

In order to process (pick, pack, ship, invoice) a sales order in Acctivate, the order status must be Scheduled, and there must be at least one scheduled quantity for the ordered products. There may be instances where an order has been

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Inventory Control Types

For many, tracking the total quantity on hand of your products is all that is needed to operate efficiently. However, there may be some instances where tracking individual units of a product is equally important, and possibly a requirement. Products in

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Inventory Session Date Fields

Inventory Session windows (Inventory Issues, Inventory Receipt, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Transfers, Inventory Assemblies, and Inventory Balance Adjustments)  in Acctivate contain two dates which can be set, the Transaction Date and the Document Date. After posting an inventory session, additional dates such

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Recommended Address Formats

Due to Acctivate’s integration with QuickBooks as well as it’s potential to be integrated with web shopping carts and shipping software, it’s important that customer addresses in Acctivate are formatted consistently and correctly. It is strongly recommended that custom shipping

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Booked vs Scheduled Order Status

A new sales order in Acctivate is required an Order Status. The Status of the order will affect how inventory is allocated as well as whether or not the order can be processed. Booked  The Booked order status allows you to

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Sales Order Import Customer Matching Sequence

When importing in sales orders using the Import Sales Order window (File> Import Sales Orders), Acctivate will check a series of values to see if it can match the customer in the import file with a customer in Acctivate. If no

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Product Substitutions

Acctivate allows you to define which products can be substituted for another product. Defining substitutes for a product will allow the user to select from the approved list of substitutes on the sales order screen. This can be useful in the

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Prepay Vendor Purchase Order

Some Vendors may require you prepay a portion or all of a Purchase Order. To accommodate this, you would write the check to the vendor from QuickBooks for the prepayment amount. Once you receive the bill from the vendor, you would

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Reserved Quantity

An inventoried item can have a quantity ‘reserved’ per warehouse. Entering in a reserved quantity will remove that quantity from the product’s available quantities. The On Hand quantity will still reflect the true on hand number. An example of how

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Unable to scroll using mouse wheel in Acctivate on Windows 10

Users running Acctivate on Windows 10 may find that they are unable to scroll through certain lists in Acctivate using their mouse wheel. There is a Windows 10 setting which can be disabled which will allow you to scroll using your mouse

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