QuickBooks SDK Verbose Logging

Acctivate uses the QuickBooks SDK to synchronize with data with QuickBooks.  Please refer to our QuickBooks Sync guide for an overview.  You might also want to search for “QuickBooks Sync” if you have a specific sync issue. The following article is to gather a detailed log

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Install SQL Server 2016 Express Edition

The Acctivate Server (New/Full) Install package includes SQL Server Express Edition.  However, there are times when you may need to install SQL Server Express for Acctivate separately.  Please follow the instructions below to install and configure SQL Server 2016 Express Edition for

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Relative Formats for Dates and Times

Acctivate now includes the popular relative formats for many time stamps in the software (e.g., 3 days ago instead of 6/18/2016 2:13:24 PM). Relative time stamps allow you to quickly glance at the value and determine how long ago the

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Microsoft .NET 4.5 installation returned exit code 5100

Acctivate utilizes the Microsoft .NET Framework, a programming model for Windows applications.  Microsoft .NET is a very popular framework, but Acctivate may need to install updates from time-to-time, such as upgrading to .NET 4.5 in Acctivate version 10.1. During the upgrade, you will see

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Sync may require QuickBooks Admin after update

QuickBooks requires that any third-party software be “digitally signed” before accessing QuickBooks data (e.g., our Sync with QuickBooks).  From time to time, Acctivate may need to renew/refresh our digital certificate used for authentication.  The following message may appear after installing an Acctivate Update and

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Crystal Reports Run-time Engine

Acctivate uses the Crystal Reports XI R2 runtime engine to generate all reports in the software.  The Crystal Reports runtime is delivered with the Acctivate software on both the server and the workstations under a royalty-free distribution license.  Therefore, there is no additional cost to Acctivate

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Corrupted text when exporting a Crystal Report as PDF with the Calibri font

First, we should start with a quick primer on how Fonts are used in Crystal Reports.  A wide variety of fonts are supported by Crystal Reports such as Arial, Times New Roman, and many more.  In fact, Crystal Reports should support any True

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Missing VIEW.DDF file message

The following message may appear when launching Acctivate (CYMA IV Edition). The Pervasive.SQL database for CYMA includes three primary Database Dictionary Files (DDF): File, Field and Index.  The fourth, optional file is View.DDF.  This file improves the performance of accessing CYMA data within Acctivate. We

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Acctivate Version and Build Numbers

Acctivate version numbers represent the Major, Minor and Service Pack level. The following numbering scheme is used for Acctivate version numbers: 10.0 = Major Release 10.1  = Minor Release 10.1 sp1 = Service Pack There is also a four-digit Build Number that follows

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Recommended Devices for Acctivate Mobile WMS

Acctivate Mobile WMS was developed for rugged handheld computers running Windows Mobile.  There are a variety of devices available from numerous manufacturers, but we have focused our development and testing on devices from the following leading manufacturers:   Acctivate Mobile WMS can

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