Acctivate Integration with Intacct

Acctivate offers a real-time integration to Intacct, synchronizing the operational data from Acctivate with the financial accounting data in Intacct.  It is a two-way synchronization, but some transactions should be primarily entered in Acctivate and others in Intacct. The most common question

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Error running database update: Create failed for Index…

The following exception may occur during an Acctivate database upgrade if records exist with duplicate “key values”.  This problem is not very common, but it can potentially block a database upgrade until the duplicate key values are resolved. Error running database update:

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Setup SmartVault with Acctivate

The SmartVault integration offers online document storage and sharing, directly in the Acctivate software.  Please read more about the SmartVault service before beginning this setup process. Note: The following process assumes that both QuickBooks and Acctivate are installed and registered

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SmartVault Document Storage and Sharing

Acctivate now includes support for the SmartVault Online Document Storage and Sharing service.  SmartVault is a Software-as-a-Service offering that is fully integrated within Acctivate.  It provides the ability to scan, store and send documents to vendors, customers and partners.  The

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Video: Customer Information Window

Customers can be found on the menu bar Customer > Customer Information or by using the Customer shortcut from the main toolbar. Click the magnifying glass next to the Customer name field to find a customer. Primary Filters used to refine search.

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Temporary Files for Email Attachments and Reports

Acctivate uses Crystal Reports for generating Sales and Purchase Order documents to be emailed to customers and/or vendors. The report is first generated in Crystal Reports then saved as a PDF file in the Temporary Internet Files folder on your

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Performance

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an excellent way to access your Acctivate system from a remote location or if you’re using a cloud hosting partner.  Please read through our Remote Desktop Connection article for more general information. The Remote Desktop Connection app

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Video: Product Information Window

Products can be found on the menu item Inventory > Product Information or by using the Product shortcut from the main toolbar. To pull up a specific product, press F4 or select the Lookup button next to the Product ID box

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Video: Purchasing Process

 Create Purchase Order (0:15) Select Purchasing > Purchase Order from the main menu or by using the shortcut from the main toolbar. Click the New button to create a new Purchase Order Use Status of Purchase Order to show users

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“The page size was not large enough” for reports

The Crystal Reports (Design) software saves the Page Size, Printer Options and Margins within each Crystal Report (RPT) file. Most reports are designed for the Letter (or A4) Page Size, which works very well with most printers.  However, some reports

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