Handling Inventory Counts with Multiple Users

Although the inventory count process is often a group effort, each count sheet can only be entered by one user in Acctivate. If more than one user attempts to open the same count session number in the Enter Count screen, the following

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Selling into the Negative

Acctivate allows users to sell items into negative quantities based on user permissions. When a user has the ability to Override Scheduled Qty on a sales order, they have the ability to schedule an item into negative availability, as well as

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Acctivate Window Guide

Acctivate 10 will be introducing several improvements to the user interface. To learn more about a specific window in Acctivate, including updated version 10.0 screenshots, click one of the links below: Customer Information window Product Information window Sales Order window Sales

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Crystal Reports excludes time from Date-Time fields

In the Acctivate database, date fields such as EntryDate on a Sales Order and CreatedDate on a Customer record are stored in Date-Time format (1900-01-01 00:00:00). When including this information on a report in Crystal Reports, you may see Date-Time fields represented

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Modifying an existing Microsoft Query in Excel

Microsoft Excel, when linked to an Acctivate database via ODBC, can be a useful tool to quickly return data from Acctivate. Acctivate QuickBooks Inventory Software was designed to automate, track, simplify and securely manage growing business needs all within the

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Including Pick Tickets/Pack Lists on the Service Order Window

By default, the Service Order screen does not have the option to print or email Pick Ticket or Pack Lists. If users frequently include inventoried items on Service Orders and need a way to pick these items, there are a few

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Creating a new Payment Method

Like the Vendor and Salesperson lists, payment methods are maintained in QuickBooks. Below is a quick guide that walks through how to add a new payment method into QuickBooks then sync this data into Acctivate. In QuickBooks, go to Lists > Item

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Resolving “Cannot connect to server” Error on Acctivate Mobile WMS

Acctivate Mobile WMS requires a webservice connection in order to access data in your Acctivate company file on a handheld scanning device. Occasionally, if a server name changes or a factory reset is performed on the mobile device, users may

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Installing Acctivate Mobile Updates

Acctivate Mobile software updates Software updates will be available for Acctivate Mobile along with most Acctivate updates.  The Mobile Updates may affect the Acctivate Mobile Web Service and/or Acctivate software on each device. Note: We recommend that you install the Acctivate software updates on

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“Backup failed…” sector size error when restoring a backup file in Database Maintenance

When restoring data from a backup file Acctivate’s Database Maintenance tool, the following error may be returned: This is a fairly uncommon error resulting from a difference in the database format of the backup file and the format of the

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