“Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” error when creating new sales order

Starting with the Windows 10 update (version 1809), it has been reported that opening existing sales orders or creating new orders in Acctivate leads to the following error:  “Length of NEW column color cannot be zero” It’s likely that the

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How to Batch Update Workflow Statuses

In this video, we walk through how to use the order manager to batch update workflow statuses on sales orders. For more information on the order manager, check out the overview here.

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How to void a receipt

In this video, we go over the steps for voiding an inventory transaction. As an example, we void an inventory receipt. For documented steps, see the full guide here.

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Voiding an Invoice

Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how to void an invoice: For more instructions, click here.

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“Generic Failure” error when trying to configure mobile printers

When setting up your printers for your mobile devices, you may encounter the following error: This Generic Failure isn’t very self explanatory, but thankfully the fix is pretty simple. To fix this, take the following steps: Open the control panel

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Adding a Zero Cost Item to Acctivate

Users may want to keep track of an item’s availability, but not its cost. Typically, this happens for items like boxes or pallets. To set up a zero cost item, take the following steps. Create a new inventoried product in

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Import web store orders with warnings

When syncing with a web store and importing in sales orders, users will likely encounter warnings in the web sync log. These can range from missing product IDs, to slight differences in totals, to missing payment methods referenced. Warnings are

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Running a web store sync

Once you have set up a web store integration between Acctivate and your web store, you’ll need to sync the two regularly. This can be done automatically or manually. We’ll cover the manual steps in this article. First, click the

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“The SMTP server requires a secure connection” email error

When trying to send an email from Acctivate, you may encounter an error with phrasing similar to “The SMTP server requires a secure connection”. While this error is somewhat unclear, the gist of it is that the user’s email address

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EDI 850 orders not showing up in the Process EDI window

If you are setting up or using EDI to import in and process orders, you may run into a problem with 850s not showing up in the Process EDI window within Acctivate. There are a few different potential causes for

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