Creating a new IIS website for Acctivate mobile

When you install Acctivate mobile, it will use the “Default site” and also a “default app pool”. If you use IIS for any other applications, then it might be a good idea to setup a new site with a different

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Creating a new Application Pool in IIS for Acctivate mobile

IIS utilizes an “application pool” to define application configuration settings. When you install Acctivate mobile, it will by default use the “Default Application Pool” and also the “Default website”. It’s possible that other applications use the “Default Application Pool” and

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“Server error in ‘/’ Application. Access to ‘c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\accthandheld’ is denied” returned after installing Mobile

There are times when right after installing the Mobile module onto your server, you will receive the following message when browsing to “localhost/accthandheld” and clicking on “Install” Server error in ‘/’ Application. Access to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\accthandheld is denied. This just means

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500.19 may be returned when browsing to the mobile handheld webpage (localhost/accthandheld)

Before installing Acctivate mobile, you are required to install two components to setup the Mobile webpage. First is IIS web services then ASP.NET. If the server OS is “Server 2012” or newer it’s possible Internet Information services (IIS) was installed

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“Count was open by another user…” message might display when opening a count sheet

You may see this message if multiple users are trying to access the same count sheet. If you want two users to count the same count sheet, you will have to create multiple count sheets based on count cycles or

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Creating a new customer from an “Other Contact” from a Business Activity

Using a business Activity, you have the ability to create new customers based on just their contact information. This will allow you to create new customers faster without having to actually bring up the customer window clicking “NEW” etc. To

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How to set up sync permissions per user in Quickbooks

Sync permissions in Acctivate are manged on the Quickbooks. Example if you want certain users to sync Sales Invoices instead of Purchase Order bills, then you can setup the permissions in Quickbooks to do so. We recommend that you sync

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Crystal Reports not locating all database views or new fields

There are times when modifying a report using Crystal Reports, the report will not display all the table/view information (i.e. new fields). Maybe the report is pointing at an old database or possibly a completely different database. You will have

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“Could not submit picked order. There was no Endpoint listening at…” appearing on mobile device

When attempting to print a report from the Mobile Device, you may see the exception returned below…. “There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/Acctivate/4360/Service32Bit that could accept the message. This is often causes by an incorrect address or SOAP acction.

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Setting up

Starting with Acctivate 10, will be a supported payment solution. To set up with Acctivate follow these steps. Go to File -> Configuration management To get started, ensure you have credit cards entered and checked as “Credit Cards”

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