Navigating to http://Servername/accthandheld on Mobile goes to

There are times when entering in http://ServerName/ACCTHandheld in Internet Explorer to install Acctivate Mobile MWS will default to a Bing search, rather than navigate to the Web Server page. If this occurs on your device, try the following methods:  Go

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Set Printer Assignments with Acctivate Mobile WMS

If you want to set printer assignments for reports related to Acctivate Mobile WMS, you can do this by browsing to the main Mobile webpage on any web browser and browsing to SERVERNAME/ACCThandheld (where SERVERNAME is the name of the

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Appending a date at the end of a backup file using Task Scheduler

If you are following the Automatic Backup article, you may have a need to append the date at the end of the file which cannot be done using the arguments in task scheduler. To do so, you would need to

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“There were no posted transactions found…” may be received when creating a Landed Cost session

This message may appear whenever creating a landed cost session from the PO Invoice window when the Approved amount is for items that have not been received yet. This message appeared here because the items that were received are not

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SSL Certification error with Acctivate Mobile WMS

This message may pop up when going to SERVERNAME/accthandheld and using while SSL that does not have a valid security certificate: Acctivate Support may recommend speaking with your IT provider in order to resolve this issue and get the certificate renewed

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