Webstore sync error: Webservice returned zero length data

Many software applications and web stores have security and password protocols meant to protect your data and stop hackers.  What you may not realize is changing the administrative password on your web store, could also affect any software applications that

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Why is my Acctivate Data Import Failing?

If you use Acctivate, it is very likely at some point you will be importing data.  Whether you are importing data from an old system, creating new records, or updating existing records, the ability to Import Data in Acctivate is quick

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Stop Excel from Changing Numbers to Dates or Scientific Notations

We all know that Excel can be a powerful tool, however in an effort to anticipate the need of a user, Excel can also make it difficult to create spreadsheets for importing data into Acctivate.  You may have entered a

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UPS Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI or Package Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the UPS WorldShip®  ONLY. The following setup procedure is for UPS WorldShip® to use the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module. If you have not purchased this module please refer to the UPS WorldShip® Installation for Non EDI/Packaging

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Why is my Packing List blank?

Acctivate does not allow the printing or re-printing of a Packing List once the order has been completed.  The pack list will appear blank if nothing is scheduled and the order has been completed.  One reason Acctivate does not allow

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Create Inventory Transfer from Receipt or PO transaction

Acctivate has the ability to Export Grids to Excel allowing users to quickly create an import spreadsheet to Transfer Inventory Between Warehouses.  In order to create an import spreadsheet from the PO. First you must open the PO that you

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Find and Post an un-posted Inventory Receipt Transaction

You received inventory but still do not see the receipt quantity on hand and available in your warehouse, the two most common reasons for this are the receipt was posted to the incorrect warehouse which can be corrected with a

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Where does my Alternate Product ID and Alternate Description come from during initial setup?

If in QuickBooks you have been using the ‘Purchase Information: Description on Purchase Transactions’ and ‘Sales Information: Description on Sales Transactions’ fields you will see this information in Acctivate.  The data in both of these fields as well as the

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Embedding the Acctivate SQL Database Password in a Microsoft Excel Query

If you have created a Microsoft Query using an ODBC connection to the the Acctivate database and now you need to refresh the data but Excel is asking for a password.  This is because the Allow saving Password in your Microsoft

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Add a filter group to Order Manager to filter out specific dates

The Acctivate Order Manager allows the adding of additional filter groups to buttons, this may be necessary to filter by date. Adding a new Filter Group to a button in Order Manager: Click And Select Add Group When the new

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