Resize the window lookup grid height

From time to time, users may resize the grid in the lookup windows and would prefer to reset the grid back to the original height so they can view a larger quantity of the search results.  This can be accomplished

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Late Shipments in Order Manager

The Order Manager can quickly offer users for displaying a list of scheduled orders in which the Requested Ship Date is prior to today’s date and the Workflow Status is not equal to “Shipped”. First, in order to create or modify

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Use the Order Manager to invoice Shipped Orders

Acctivate can quickly filter and display a list of sales orders that have been shipped and are now ready to be invoiced.  In Acctivate select to open the Order Manager.  In the default Sales Orders View, scroll to the right side

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List of Acctivate Database Maintenance commands

Acctivate Database Maintenance supports backing up and upgrading company files from a command line.  Here is the list of commands and the available arguments, below, with links to find out more about how each of these is used in further

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Upgrade Acctivate database from a command line

After installing a new Acctivate update, each company file will typically require a database upgrade.  Typically, users are prompted to start a database upgrade the first time a user logs into Acctivate after the installation of the update completes.  However,

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Unable to select Carrier in Package Manager

In Package Manager, when processing shipments, selecting the Carrier for the shipment doesn’t display all of the Carriers configured in Configuration Manager -> Sales Order -> Carriers.  This may be due to the Carrier configuration being incomplete.  EDI Manager, which

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Purchase Order GL Expense Account for Inventoried Products

On the Purchase Order window, when entering products, users may notice the GL Expense Account field and believe a GL Account needs to be selected.  For inventoried products, Acctivate will always use the Warehouse Purchases account, which is selected on the warehouse

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Configure default workflow statuses

Acctivate offers functionality to reset the workflow status to a specific workflow status on a sales order once a Sales Order has been processed in a certain manner.  In Configuration Manager -> Sales Orders -> Order Options, you will find the

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Acctivate database connections with CYMA

Due to some recent changes in newer versions of CYMA (CYMA 15+), Acctivate for CYMA users have reported some conflicts in how Acctivate connects with CYMA and how CYMA reports are configured. Starting in Acctivate 10.2sp1, Acctivate now creates a Pervasive.SQL

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The network path was not found

When starting Acctivate, users may receive the following message: Run-time error ‘-2147024829 (80070043)’: The network name cannot be found. This message may be received if one of the Acctivate file shares can’t be browsed to from the workstation or the directory has

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