“Payment Amount must be zero if no payment type”

When preparing invoices for sales orders in Acctivate, users may receive a message stating: Payment amount must be zero if no payment type is selected Users may receive this message if Orders were imported in with a payment amount, but the

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Email Pick Tickets using the Branch

When selecting to email pick tickets from either a Sales Order or from the Order Manager, the default email address populated on the email will be the Branch email address instead of the customer’s contact email address.  Pick tickets are

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Order Manager Custom Bar

Included in the Sales Order Manager are some standard views of open Sales and Service Orders.  We recognize our users may want to create a custom view of Orders for their unique needs. In the Order Manager, select the “Configure…” button

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Sales Order Manager Overview

The Sales Order Manager is a management window in Acctivate that allows users to filter and process batches of Sales Orders in one central location.  The Order Manager also provides a quick overview of the value of your sales in different

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Why are QuickBooks Items disabled?

Once an Acctivate company has been created against a QuickBooks file, your QuickBooks inventory is deactivated.  Your transaction history in QuickBooks is NOT deleted, though.  All product information and transactions will take place in Acctivate.  You can read more regarding

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Database impact of voiding a transaction

Starting with Acctivate 10.2, users will be able to void inventory transactions.  Report writers and consultants may need to understand the impacts of voiding a transaction from within the database tables so these voided transactions properly excluded from reports and other database

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Troubleshoot Performance Problems

If you have spent any amount of time using computers, you have most likely endured slow applications, lagging data entry, unresponsive windows and screens, etc.  This type of behavior is always frustrating.  If you find that Acctivate is hanging or seems to

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Create Pervasive ODBC Driver DSNs for 64bit SQL Server

For CYMA customers that will be using both Pervasive 64bit and SQL Server 64bit, you will need to manually create the Pervasive ODBC DSNs. By default, Acctivate will create the 32bit DSNs, which will not be compatible with the 64bit

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“Login failed” message received sending email

Recently, some users have been receiving a “Login failed” message when they send email from within Acctivate.  We believe this is due to some recent updates for Microsoft’s Office365 service.  Microsoft has been pushing companies to upgrade from the older

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Enable EDI Logging

By default, only exceptions are written to the Acctivate exception log when opening or refreshing EDI.  This minimizes the amount of data written to the log.  However, users may want to increase the level of logging if you are troubleshooting a warning

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