Impact of Changing Cost Methods

Within the product window of a product in Acctivate, users can set up an initial Cost Method. The ones available from the drop down list are: Average LIFO FIFO Standard (For more information about Cost Methods in general, click here)

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Should Scheduled Items be Included in a Count?

In preparing to do an inventory count, you’ll need to consider scheduled items along with non-scheduled items. Scheduled items are still a part of your inventory at the time of performing the count and will therefore need to be included in

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Tax Category

Tax Categories in Acctivate represent the Sales Tax Items and Sales Tax Groups set up in QuickBooks. The sum of all sales tax items related to a group will determine the tax percentage for that group, which is then synced

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Manage Product Classes

Assigning a Product Class to products in a great way to distinguish between one group of products and another. Placing products into different classes will help simplify inventory procedures such as inventory counts and reorders, as well as narrowing report

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Sync Warning “Invoice Amount has changed”

From time to time you may notice a sync warning stating something like: “2016/02/24 14:12:57 Warning Invoice The amount of invoice B3350Z has changed from $10.00 in Acctivate to $20.00 in QuickBooks.“ First, it’s important to understand that these are

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Customer Collection Trend

On the Credit tab of the Customer window, you will notice a field called  “Collection trend (days).” This field is designed to display how much time, in days, exists between an invoice date and the date the payment was collected

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QuickBooks Dividing Date Synchronization Error

“QuickBooks error message: You may not create or edit a transaction dated on or before the dividing date.” If you have recently created an Accountant’s Copy of your QuickBooks data file, you may receive a synchronization error stating that a transaction cannot

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Inventory Transactions Synchronize as Batch Journals

Posted inventory transactions in Acctivate are reflected in QuickBooks by batching together like transactions into Journals, then syncing those Journals over to QuickBooks. This help article will cover how those transactions are batched into Journals. Acctivate boasts an array of

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Kit Items on Sales Reports, COGS based on Components

Many sales reports in Acctivate, such as a standard Invoice report, will display all products that are associated with that sales order. If a Kit product exists on the sales order, that Kit will display on the report the same as

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