Invoicing with AvaTax

After setting up the Avalara Integration in Configuration Management and assigning the Tax Categories to customers, you’ll notice some differences in the way the Sales Invoice looks after synchronizing with QuickBooks. Let’s start by taking a look at the Sales

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Required Data for AvaTax Calculations

Acctivate users that have enabled the Avalara module and are using the AvaTax service to calculate sales tax, questions may arise regarding the fields and the data necessary for AvaTax to calculate tax properly.  When creating new Sales Orders or modifying

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Common errors returned by Avalara

Once Acctivate has been integrated with Avatax, some common error messages may be returned when the tax call is made by saving a sales order, quote, or transaction in Acctivate. Below is a list of common errors that are returned

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Configure Customers to be taxed by AvaTax

Once you have completed the initial setup of the Avalara integration with Acctivate, you will need to configure your customers in which Sales Orders should be taxed via AvaTax. Create and implement ‘AvaTax’ Tax Code  In QuickBooks, go to Lists > Item List > Item >

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Configure Address Validation by Country Code

Avalara provides an Address Validation service.  If you have partnered with Avalara and you have configured Acctivate to utilize the AvaTax integration, you can enable Address Validation based on the Customers ShipTo Country. Open Configuration Manager, then browse to Customer ->

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Avalara Account Setup

Acctivate offers a direct integration to the AvaTax service from Avalara.  First, you should read our Avalara Sales Tax Service article. The following instructions are to configure your Avalara AvaTax account information in the Acctivate software. Prerequisites The following tasks must

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Avalara Sales Tax Service

Acctivate now includes support for the AvaTax Sales Tax Service from Avalara.  AvaTax is a Software-as-a-Service offering that is fully integrated within Acctivate.  It provides robust sales tax calculations and compliance for companies of all sizes processing orders from multiple

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