“Restore Settings” for Acctivate Grids

In Acctivate, different windows contain grids for different fields and columns. These fields can often be resized and moved around the grid by users based on their preferences. Acctivate remembers these settings for each user. If desired, a user can

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Create Assemblies In Batches Based On Inventory Requirements

In past versions of Acctivate, users could use the Inventory Mgmt tab of Business Alerts (now called the Reorders tab) to create Purchase Orders for in demand products, based on defined Inventory Requirements. Starting in version 10.3, users are able

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Using the Assemblies tab on the Business Alerts window

Starting in Acctivate 10.3, users will be able to see what assemblies are waiting to be built and what sales orders are tied to them. This also gives the ability to create multiple assembly transactions at the same time. To

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Disable Business Alert Warnings for Web Store

During the setup of the web store module, customers sometimes like to see the creation of Business Alerts for warnings received during the import. To disable this option, follow the steps below: Go to Web Stores > Web Store Sync or click the Web Store icon.

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Establish reminders

The Acctivate system allows you to establish reminders for just about any type of activity that you can think of. Best of all, you can establish the specific date that you want the reminder to appear and assign it to

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