“Restore Settings” for Acctivate Grids

In Acctivate, different windows contain grids for different fields and columns. These fields can often be resized and moved around the grid by users based on their preferences. Acctivate remembers these settings for each user. If desired, a user can

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Use “Move To” to attach an email to another document/window

Within in Acctivate, when sending an email, users have the option to determine where the record of the email should be initially attached. For example, suppose you are emailing an invoice to a customer, and would like the record of

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Set Business Activity Email Template Default

As of Acctivate 10.1, an enhancement exists which allows users to set a default e-mail template to be used on Business Activities. Once email templates have been set up (see the Email Templates help article), the default template can be defined

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Send Message upon Change of Business Activity Status

For our customers utilizing the Business Activity module, you have the option of sending a message (email) to the user assigned to the activity when the status changes. This occurs only when the user has an address setup in the

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Creating a new customer from an “Other Contact” from a Business Activity

Using a business Activity, you have the ability to create new customers based on just their contact information. This will allow you to create new customers faster without having to actually bring up the customer window clicking “NEW” etc. To

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Video: Business Activity Use

The information printed below replaces the handout mentioned in video. One stop shop for any activity in your business that you would like to record, track, share among a team, assign primary responsibility for completion and maintain a history for future reference. There

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Video: Business Activity Setup

The information printed below replaces the handout mentioned in video. Business Activity Type section is used to define all processes you will be tracking. The setup of the code lists below will populate the drop down lists used in each activity.

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Business Activity Review

The Business Activity Review tool is very useful if you have the Acctivate Business Activities module. In order to open it you can either: Click Activities > Business Activity Review from the menu in Acctivate or click the Review button

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Business Activity Types

Business Activity Type The power of Business Activity can be truly seen when it is customized and configured for your business. You can set your own activity types and track each item specific to your business. Frequently used activity item

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Business Activity Window

The Business Activity window provides users with the ability to be proactive in the management and functionality of business activities. It is designed to keep track of special information related to customers, products, sales orders, purchase orders and vendors in

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