Business Activity External Links

Business Activity External Links Custom Related Items links can be added to a Business Activity. These Related Items links will allow you to link to a website or a  computer file path. In a Business Activity, the Related Items section is in the Discussion

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Business Activity Web Form Installation Guide

Overview Download Acctivate Business Activity Sample Web Forms Manage web form submissions easily in Acctivate Everyday more and more businesses receive emails or other contacts from their websites, such as new customer contact, support requests, sales requests, comments and suggestions. Most

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Activity Fields for Message Templates

The following table lists the data fields that can be entered into the body of an Email Message Template to request specific business activity information from the database. These message template fields can be used when the email message template type

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Resize and maximize Acctivate windows

Acctivate  features several windows that users are able to maximize and resize at their convenience to view more information at once. The system also has the ability to remember the size of each window for when it is reopened at a

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Create a Business Activity from a Web Form

Users of the Acctivate Business Activity Management module add-on can instantly turn web form submissions into business activities, so each can be managed and tracked inside Acctivate. This can include any of the following forms: Customer Service Return Merchandise Authorization

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Link a Customer or Job to a Business Activity

Acctivate can facilitate your business processes by linking a Customer (or Job) to a Business Activity.  This is useful for managing service requests, RMA’s and many other tasks for customers. Note: These instructions can also be used to attach Customer Locations,

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Use the Service Scheduling module

Business Activity Scheduling is an add-on module that makes it easy to organize daily tasks through its scheduling board resemblance and actions, such as re-assigning tasks and displaying user specific tasks. It allows you to keep track of just about

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Setup and maintain Business Activity Types

The true power of the Business Activity Management add-on module is that it is 100% configurable to fit the way that you do business. Perhaps the most beneficial category that can be configured is the Business Activity Type. The Type

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Keep track of overdue invoices

When an invoice becomes overdue, an alert will be displayed in the Credit Mgmt tab of the Business Alerts window. On this one tab, all Acctivate users who are given permission can quickly see all of the credit problems. Overdue invoices

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Manage employee’s use of reminders

In the Configuration Manager, the system administrator can assign various access permissions to each Acctivate user and among these permissions, is the permission to see and respond to reminders for all users. This permission can either be set to yes or

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