Permission denied error running database update

After installing an Acctivate update, a user will need to log into each Acctivate company file and upgrade the database.  In certain cases, a user may receive the error, below, when upgrading the company database. Error running database update:  User does not

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Boost Performance with Business Activity Review Refresh Settings

One way to help improve the performance of Acctivate is to take some of the pressure off of SQL Server queries. This is especially true for companies that have several users and/or are using an Express instance of SQL Server.

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User Option To Open Order Manager Automatically

Starting in Acctivate version 10.2, users will be able to set an option to open Order Manager automatically, just like the Dashboard, Activities or Alerts. To set this option, go to File > Configuration Manager > User > User Information Select

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Importing a XML File using a Webstore Template

Along with standard webstores, users have the ability to import in orders defined within a given xml file. To do this, go to Web stores > Web Store Sync >  click Configure > Highlight the template you want > Then

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How to use Xpath ScratchPad with a Webstore template

The xpath ScratchPad tool is a easy way to test xpath statements without actually running an import. The user just needs to find a sample xml file from their webstore. Assuming the webstore has been setup (running and importing in

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Common webstore issues and xpaths

Amazon webstore brings in orders with different fulfillment channels, AFN and MFN. Is there a way to split up the two? You must have two webstore templates for this. One where orders are only selected for AFN in one template,

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Source Values window – Xpath operators and functions

When adding a new xpath to the webstore configuration, you might need to do operations on values coming into that node. The following are some basic operators used under the “Select” section. Note that xpath is CASE SENSITIVE. It’s recommended

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Setup and Utilize Return Warehouse for Damaged Goods

An option for handling damaged goods that need to be returned to stock is to do a credit memo that returns the damaged products to a Damaged or RMA warehouse until a decision is made on whether the items will be

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FedEx Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI/Packaging Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the FedEx Ship Manager ONLY. The following setup procedure is to set-up FedEx Ship Manager to work with the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module. If you have not purchased this module please refer

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Enter a Blind Count

The most common procedure for performing an Inventory Count is to first create a count session, then use the count sheet as a guide while physically counting inventory in the warehouse (see the Inventory Counts article). However, that is not

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