Find vs Begins With in Search Windows

Acctivate search windows use a Multi Field Search which looks for data in several different fields at once. The multi field search can also look for a character that is anywhere in the text for the values in those fields. For

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Customer Type

Customers in Acctivate can be categorized in different Types. This article will cover how to create new Customer Types, and how to assign them to Customers, as well as some ways that the Customer Type can be used in Acctivate.

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Sort Columns In Look Up Windows

Starting in Acctivate 10.2, users will have the ability to sort data in every column of every look up window in Acctivate. This feature will allow a user to sort any column in the lookup for Customers, Sales Orders, Products etc.

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Creating a Template Sales Order

If you are making the same general sales order (same customer, products, and/or quantities) on a regular basis, a way of speeding up this process is by creating a template sales order. This template can then be called up each

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Recommended Address Formats

Due to Acctivate’s integration with QuickBooks as well as it’s potential to be integrated with web shopping carts and shipping software, it’s important that customer addresses in Acctivate are formatted consistent and correctly. It is strongly recommended that custom shipping

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“Linked item is not in the database…” message when creating a new note

Every now and then, you may come across the following message when trying to save a new note to a new customer or product: “Linked item is not in the database. If it is new, save the linked item, or

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Change Lookup Filters To Improve Performance

Lookup windows in Acctivate sort though all kinds of different data related to that lookup window. The more specific you are about the criteria set, the less data that the lookup window has to sort through, which means that the lookup

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Tax Category

Tax Categories in Acctivate represent the Sales Tax Items and Sales Tax Groups set up in QuickBooks. The sum of all sales tax items related to a group will determine the tax percentage for that group, which is then synced

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Customer Specific Price Categories

Starting in Acctivate 10.1, it’s possible to assign a customer specific price related to an entire group of products using the same sales category. Now, a user can relate an entire sales category to a customer without having to add the price code

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Marking Customer as Inactive or Active

Customers can be marked as Active or Inactive from within Quickbooks or Acctivate. After marking customers as inactive in either one, the changes will be carried over following a sync. This article will cover how to make customers active/inactive in

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