Packaging Manager Process

The process for using Packaging Manager has three main sections of steps. Prepare Shipments Package Shipments Complete Shipments After you have set up the proper options in Configuration Manager related to Packaging Manager (see this article), you can now start

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Send Non-EDI Invoices To Trading Partner

When an EDI 850 Customer Purchase Order is brought into Acctivate and Invoiced, the Invoice is automatically selected to be sent back to the partner as an EDI 810 Customer Invoice. If an order is created for an EDI partner

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How to setup EDI with 3PL

If you plan on sending warehouse orders and importing in warehouse shipments to those orders, then you will need to follow these steps to setup 3PL transactions with EDI. go to file > Configuration manager in the top left window

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FTP Connection Set Up

Starting in Acctivate 10.3 and beyond, users will be able to set up an FTP connection within Acctivate to communicate with EDI Value Added Networks (VAN) like SPS Commerce. By using the built in FTP settings, your import and export

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Packaging Manager Setup for EDI

Packaging Manager is used to package Sales Orders into shipments for EDI transactions. Acctivate can automatically package the shipment into separate cartons based on a number of settings. The weight of each carton can also be calculated based on the

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Widely Used SCAC codes

Here is a list of widely used SCAC codes for EDI shipping. Any others not on this list will need to come from your Shipping provider or EDI Trading Partner. SCAC Carrier name ALLV ALLIED VAN LINES ARFW AMERICAN FREIGHTWAYS

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UPS Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI or Package Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the UPS WorldShip®  ONLY. The following setup procedure is for UPS WorldShip® to use the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module. If you have not purchased this module please refer to the UPS WorldShip® Installation for Non EDI/Packaging

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Duplicate EDI 810 Lines

If you process an EDI 810 Invoice transaction and find that there are duplicate lines of products, i.e. you see line 2 on the transaction file twice, then you most likely have more than one Customer Product ID for the Acctivate

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Setting up EDI Transactions for Acctivate with SPS Commerce

If you are working with SPS Commerce, the process for getting the EDI Transactions into Acctivate requires a user to import in the Transaction files through FTP. This guide assumes that SPS has created test files for the partners and

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Retrieving and Sending EDI Transactions with SPS Commerce

This guide assumes the setup of SPS with Acctivate has been completed. In order for the user to get the files into Acctivate and send the files back to SPS, follow these steps. First click the “RECEIVE EDI” shortcut on

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