Modify The EDI Exported Filename Structure

Your EDI VAN or Trading Partner may request a modification to the EDI filename structure when you are in the process of setting up a new EDI Trading Partner.  Modifying the filename structure can be accomplished relatively easily by modifying the Trading

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FedEx Shipping Workstation Installation for EDI/Packaging Manager

This configuration is for EDI/Packaging Manager setup of the FedEx Ship Manager ONLY. The following setup procedure is to set-up FedEx Ship Manager to work with the Acctivate EDI/Packaging Manager module. If you have not purchased this module please refer

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How the Customer Product ID is Used on EDI 810 File

Invoices created for EDI Trading Partners in Acctivate can be exported into an 810 file using the EDI Manager (see the EDI Processing webinar). The 810 file takes data related to the Invoice and arranges it into a specific structure

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Default Workflow Status for Rescheduled Orders

Before Acctivate 10.1, when invoicing an order the workflow status would get cleared. If that order had backordered items then the order status would go into a “Backordered” status. If that order were re-scheduled, either individually or through batch scheduling using

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Export EDI Invoices for EDI Orders Only

When using EDI functions in Acctivate, users may need to consider the EDI Invoice export options for each EDI Trading Partner.  The InvoiceSelection option for EDI Invoices can be set to two different selections. Option 1.  EDI Only will prompt Acctivate

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Changing the Mailbox File Path for EDI Transactions

There are a few reasons why you may need to change the default Mailbox file path for your EDI transactions. Whatever that reason may be, here are the steps to go about making that change. Your EDI provider’s software will

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3PL EDI Partner Workflow Status Options

When setting up a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) warehouse trading partner, there are some options that can be configured in relation to Acctivate sales order workflow statuses and the 940 Warehouse Shipping Order transaction. Configuring workflow status for exported orders: With the

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Processing EDI Transaction Files

In order to process your EDI transaction files, you’ll need to purchase the EDI module and configure your trading partners. Once this step is complete, you’ll be able to use the EDI tool to process Customer Purchase Orders (850), Warehouse

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Add or Modify an EDI Trading Partner

There are two types of Trading Partners in Acctivate – Customer and Warehouse. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to create or edit an EDI Trading Partner in Acctivate. If you’re wanting to Edit an existing trading partner, this article

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Setting Defaults for New EDI Trading Partners

When creating a multiple Trading Partners, it helps to be able to set defaults for each new partner in order to only need to modify differences for each one. To do so, you can set the <system> Trading Partner in Configuration

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