Setting Defaults for New EDI Trading Partners

When creating a multiple Trading Partners, it helps to be able to set defaults for each new partner in order to only need to modify differences for each one. To do so, you can set the <system> Trading Partner in Configuration

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Acctivate EDI functions have been moved into Acctivate Desktop

In Acctivate version 10 and later, users will no longer need to process EDI transactions via EDI Manager. After updating, you’ll receive a message to uninstall EDI Manager when logging into Acctivate. Click Yes to begin the uninstallation process. To get

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Adding a new EDI Trading Partner with Acctivate

With the Acctivate EDI Manager addon module, users can send and receive various EDI documents for trading partners. Occasionally, it may be necessary to set up a new EDI Trading Partner. This article will describe the process step by step:

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Print / Export Shipment Labels

Some EDI Trading Partners require UCC Labels on shipments. Using the Print / Export Shipments utility, Acctivate can print these labels or export shipment information for your packages. Print New Labels Navigate to Packaging > Print / Export Shipments Select Print

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Acctivate EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order)

Acctivate can export warehouse shipping orders to your 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider via EDI.  This transaction is commonly referred to as the EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order transaction.  The EDI 940 reflects the Acctivate Sales Order detail lines for

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Acctivate EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice)

To complete the EDI Warehouse Shipment cycle (begins with EDI 940 export) Acctivate also supports the EDI 945, or the Warehouse Shipping Advice document.  Below you will see the details for the fields included or that could be used from

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EDI Customer Purchase Orders – Shipment Destinations

The Acctivate EDI module includes support for the importing EDI Customer Purchase Orders.  These are typically orders from larger customers, such as “big box” retailers, grocery chains and large distributors. Your EDI Trading Partners may request shipments for any of

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Carton Options for Packaging Manager

The Acctivate Packaging Manager module has a few options for automatically creating cartons in a  shipment.  These packaging options are often dictated by your EDI Trading Partner (customer). Here’s a summary of the four Packaging Options available in Acctivate Packaging

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Customer EDI Purchase Order Product IDs

Acctivate can import Customer Purchase Orders (i.e., Acctivate Sales Orders) from your EDI Trading Partner(s).  Trading Partners may not use the same Product ID, SKU or UPC that is in your Acctivate system.  Therefore, a flexible configuration exists to match

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EDI Customer Setup in Acctivate

Acctivate customers can be linked to EDI Trading Partners in multiple ways.  This decision is mostly based on how you would like to segregate customer sales orders, invoices and payments for the trading partner. 1) One Customer, Multiple Ship-To Locations

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