How to find the temporary file location for email attachments

Whenever a user goes to click Email Invoice or any other email that automatically attaches a document, it’s stored on the users local machine. If the user ever needs to review a previous attachment outside of Acctivate. They would just

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Emails sent from Acctivate are not in the sent folder in Acctivate

When using Acctivate in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, there are two main reasons why emails sent from Acctivate do not show up in the “Sent” folder within Outlook. Reason 1: The Acctivate user is configured to use SMTP If your

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Default Forms and Email Templates

In Configuration Management, the administrator can assign default reports, message templates, and whether or not you prefer to preview or email the reports. To get to this section, go to File > Configuration Management > Sales Orders > Forms. For

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Use “Move To” to attach an email to another document/window

Within in Acctivate, when sending an email, users have the option to determine where the record of the email should be initially attached. For example, suppose you are emailing an invoice to a customer, and would like the record of

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“Error resolving name ( for MAPI message(Not supported).”

Error resolving name ( for MAPI message(Not supported). This error has come up for some users that have recently updated their Windows workstations. It seems to happen mainly for those users set up with an Office 365 email account. To

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Customer Type

Customers in Acctivate can be categorized in different Types. This article will cover how to create new Customer Types, and how to assign them to Customers, as well as some ways that the Customer Type can be used in Acctivate.

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“Login failed” message received sending email

Recently, some users have been receiving a “Login failed” message when they send email from within Acctivate.  We believe this is due to some recent updates for Microsoft’s Office365 service.  Microsoft has been pushing companies to upgrade from the older

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Set Default Reports and E-mail Templates for Sales Orders

Acctivate 10.1 offers a new enhancement which allows users to set default reports and e-mail templates used on different kinds of orders. Using existing reports found in Configuration Manager > Reports > Report Catalog, and once email templates have been

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Invoice Fields for Email Templates

The following table lists the data fields that can be entered into the body of an Email Message Template to request specific customer Invoice information from the database. Use the message template field as shown in the table. These message template fields can be used

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Send Message upon Change of Business Activity Status

For our customers utilizing the Business Activity module, you have the option of sending a message (email) to the user assigned to the activity when the status changes. This occurs only when the user has an address setup in the

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