User Startup Options for Business Alerts and Dashboard Reports

Upon opening Acctivate, users have the option for a few different Acctivate windows to appear automatically. This option is user specific and can be changed in Configuration Manager. To view the options available for Startup windows, go to File >

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Product Class: Product Class is ambiguous

As your business grows and you have the need for more and more product classes, the list can grow to a point that you may have accidentally created a duplicate Product Class.  The database must have a unique identifier to

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Stop Excel From Removing Leading Zeros

It is important to remember that the when preparing data to be imported it must match exactly what is in Acctivate.  This includes any leading zeros for Product ID’s, UPC’s, etc.  If you have ever tried to input numbers to

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Why is my Packing List blank?

Acctivate does not allow the printing or re-printing of a Packing List once the order has been completed.  The pack list will appear blank if nothing is scheduled and the order has been completed.  One reason Acctivate does not allow

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Using Remote App with Acctivate

RemoteApp enables you to make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on the end user’s local computer. This application can be used to provide Acctivate to remote users as well. If

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Relative Formats for Dates and Times

Acctivate now includes the popular relative formats for many time stamps in the software (e.g., 3 days ago instead of 6/18/2016 2:13:24 PM). Relative time stamps allow you to quickly glance at the value and determine how long ago the

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Acctivate is already running.

If you receive the following message: This is means that Acctivate  has already started and may be running in the background.  Most commonly users may have double click to open Acctivate while the logon screen is behind an existing window.

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Company Window Color

To better differentiate between company files within Acctivate, or simply change the color scheme of the window to better match your company logo, there are now 16 window colors that you may choose from. To change the color scheme of

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Create Users

Users can be setup and maintained in the configuration manager of Acctivate. You can create users and assign specific permissions to that user to limit their access as necessary. Users also have options related to email and startup options. To create

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Advantages of using Actual Cost with Lot/Serial controlled products

Products using Lot or Serial control are unique as they are capable of distinguishing a difference between one individual instance (Serial) or group (Lot) of the same product, in the same warehouse, from another. This allows for an exclusive Cost

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