Using your Old Acctivate Server as your Sandbox Environment

Acctivate can be installed and set up in a test environment, which may also be referred to as a Sandbox environment.  In order to use Acctivate in a Sandbox environment, you will need to register Acctivate using a Sandbox license.

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Unified Installer for Acctivate’s Quickbooks Edition

Prior to the release of Acctivate version 10.3, we used to have a multiple versions of our Quickbooks Edition installer on our downloads page. Depending on where your country of operation was (the US, UK, Canada, or Australia), you’d need

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Update vs Cumulative Update

When updating Acctivate to a new version, a user has the option to use the regular Update or the Cumulative Update. This article will explain the difference between the two, and when they should be used. The Update contains considerably less

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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error

If you have received the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error, this is not an Acctivate error.  This error could be caused by installation of new software, and has been reported after installing recent Windows Updates.  The most likely cause is

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Resolving the “Acctivate was not able to update all data…” error

Following the process of updating Acctivate on the server, users may encounter an error along the lines of Acctivate was not able to update all data. Please check Acctivate log for error message.  Typically, this error appears upon logging into

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How Workstations Are Updated

Acctivate updates are only done on the server where Acctivate is installed (see our Software Updates article). This article will explain how workstations are updated after an Acctivate update is done on the server, as well as some things to consider

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Where does my Alternate Product ID and Alternate Description come from during initial setup?

If in QuickBooks you have been using the ‘Purchase Information: Description on Purchase Transactions’ and ‘Sales Information: Description on Sales Transactions’ fields you will see this information in Acctivate.  The data in both of these fields as well as the

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Is it possible to uninstall an update?

From time to time after installing an update to Acctivate, users may wonder if it is possible to go back to a previous version of Acctivate. This can be desired for a number of reasons. However, Acctivate users should be

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Upgrade Acctivate database from a command line

After installing a new Acctivate update, each company file will typically require a database upgrade.  Typically, users are prompted to start a database upgrade the first time a user logs into Acctivate after the installation of the update completes.  However,

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