Duplicate Alternate Product IDs

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, a single Product record can have unlimited Alternate Product IDs. Acctivate will allow multiple products to have the same Alternate Product ID. This article will show how to select which product should be used if

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Multiple Alternate Product IDs

Starting in Acctivate version 10.3, users can add multiple alternate Product IDs for a given product, and each alternate ID can be specifically linked to a web store template so that the web store ID is used on imported orders.

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Common Reasons Why Cost May Change On A Posted Transaction

From time to time in Acctivate, a transaction for a product may post at one cost, then the cost may change later on. This article will explain some of the more common reasons for this. The most important thing to

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Delete Warehouse from a Product

Occasionally, you may want to remove a warehouse on a product.  This does not remove any historical transactions, or delete the warehouse from the database.  Removing the warehouse from a product hides the warehouse only for the product you are

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Product Class: Product Class is ambiguous

As your business grows and you have the need for more and more product classes, the list can grow to a point that you may have accidentally created a duplicate Product Class.  The database must have a unique identifier to

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Multi Level Assembly Process

The Assembly Process brings together a group of individual components, combining them to build a new product.  This new product can then either be sold ‘as is’ to a customer or be used as a component of another assembly.  Assembly products used

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Editing Lot/Serial Numbers

From time to time, a user may accidentally enter an incorrect Lot or Serial number into Acctivate. This article will show the easiest way to correct this and enter the correct Lot or Serial Number. The example below shows a

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Invoice not released. Order has scheduled kits with components not stocked in the selected warehouse(s)

When trying to create an invoice for a sales order containing a kit item you may receive this message: This message means that the kit product and one or more of its component products are not stocked in the same warehouse. When

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How to search through note fields

If a user needs to find a specific note that was entered, they can use the note search to find it. To do this, Right click on the notes section and click on FIND. This will generate a search box

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Ship Complete Lots

The Ship Complete Lots feature is designed for lot-numbered items that must be shipped as a whole, complete lot. To use this feature, you’ll need to have purchased the Mobile Picking module for Acctivate. By default, this option is not

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