Where does my Alternate Product ID and Alternate Description come from during initial setup?

If in QuickBooks you have been using the ‘Purchase Information: Description on Purchase Transactions’ and ‘Sales Information: Description on Sales Transactions’ fields you will see this information in Acctivate.  The data in both of these fields as well as the

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Unable to Change Item Type for Product with Transactions

A product’s item type, whether it is non-inventoried, inventoried, drop ship, etc, cannot be changed if there are any posted inventory transactions for that product. If the Transactions tab of the Product window shows any transaction history, attempting to change the

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Establishing New Lot/Serial Numbers

New Lot/Serial numbers, which have never existed before in Acctivate for a given product, must be established before they can be used on other transactions. This article shows how a Lot/Serial number can be established for the very first time.

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Import New Product ID for Existing Product ID’s

The Acctivate Product Import allows you to import new products but also update existing products. If you find a need to change a few Product ID’s in Acctivate then you can use this import feature to do that for you.

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Inventory Session Date Fields

Inventory Session windows (Inventory Issues, Inventory Receipt, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Transfers, Inventory Assemblies, and Inventory Balance Adjustments)  in Acctivate contain two dates which can be set, the Transaction Date and the Document Date. After posting an inventory session, additional dates such

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Why are QuickBooks Items disabled?

Once an Acctivate company has been created against a QuickBooks file, your QuickBooks inventory is deactivated.  Your transaction history in QuickBooks is NOT deleted, though.  All product information and transactions will take place in Acctivate.  You can read more regarding

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Sort Columns In Look Up Windows

Starting in Acctivate 10.2, users will have the ability to sort data in every column of every look up window in Acctivate. This feature will allow a user to sort any column in the lookup for Customers, Sales Orders, Products etc.

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Unable To Void Inventory Session Due To Closing Date

Acctivate has a utility which allows users to Void Inventory Sessions, but Acctivate is only able to void sessions where all transactions within that session have a transaction date which is in the open accounting period set in QuickBooks. If

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Void Posted Inventory Transaction

Starting in version 10.2, users are able to void posted inventory sessions. This means that any posted Adjustment, Assembly,  Balance Adjustment, Count, Issue, Landed Cost, Receipt or Transfer session can be voided. Voiding the session will re-calculate Cost for products

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Database impact of voiding a transaction

Starting with Acctivate 10.2, users will be able to void inventory transactions.  Report writers and consultants may need to understand the impacts of voiding a transaction from within the database tables so these voided transactions properly excluded from reports and other database

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