Create Additional Warehouses

Occasionally our customers have the need to create a new Acctivate warehouse in configuration manager.  This new warehouse may be a new physical warehouse location or a virtual warehouse location either way the setup process is exactly the same.  Additional

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Split a Lot Number into a new Lot

There may be a time where you need to split a lot number into a new lot. In order to maintain the trace ability of the original lot, an inventory assembly transaction needs to be used to pull the existing

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Handling Vendor Samples

Receiving samples of a product from your vendor can be handled a few different ways within Acctivate. This article will cover some of the ways that vendor samples can be handled in Acctivate. 1: Sample Warehouse The first option for

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Copy Product

Acctivate allows users to copy existing products. The copies will maintain much of the same information as the original products, only with a unique Product ID and transaction/order history. This article will show how to copy a product in Acctivate

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Editing Products Information in Batch

There may come a time when you need to edit a large amount of products to a separate type, class, or any other product information. Editing them individually in Acctivate is fine for a few products but if you have to

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Dimension Metrics Unit of Measure

Products in Acctivate can have a weight metric assigned to their stocking and packaging units. To configure the Unit of Measure for weight in Acctivate, follow these steps. Go to File> Configuration Management> Inventory> Inventory Options Click Edit and select the weight unit

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Adding list to Custom Fields

Data consistency is key to good database management and effective reporting.  An easy and effective way to prevent typos and ensure the data being reported is consistent and accurate is to design a list for use with Custom Fields.  A single

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Cancel Orders and Void Transactions

Acctivate now allows users the ability to void inventory transactions.  Voiding inventory transactions is a user permission and by default is turned off for all users including SYS. Set User Permission to Allow Void Transactions We have a number of

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MGMT and Last Cost for Kit Products

The Mgmt Cost and Last Cost fields for a Kit product may or may not have a defined value, but you will find that it is not possible to manually modify Mgmt Cost or Last Cost for a Kit product.

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Adding new assembly workflow statuses

Acctivate gives the user the ability to modify not only the workflow for sales orders, but also on Assemblies as well. If you need to add a new assembly workflow status, you can do that by going to File >

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