Use a Map Drive to open multiple instances of Acctivate

While Acctivate does not allow for multiple instances of Acctivate, many users ask for this ability. However, if you do need to run multiple instances of Acctivate at once, you can add several different .exe files for Acctivate, which will

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“Acctivate could not install all the required updates. Error 1935” may be received when updating Acctivate

After updating Acctivate, new components will install that may affect the existing installation. If one of these components fail to install during the Acctivate update, see the Acctivate Log to see which component it is. Since 10.3 crystal reports components

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“Run-Time error – 2147024843 (80070035)” after changing the name of the Server

Users may notice “Run-Time error – 2147024843 (80070035)” when attempting to launch Acctivate after changing the name of the Server. This is caused by references to the old Server Name in Acctivate configuration and licensing, as well as the instance of

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“Restore Settings” for Acctivate Grids

In Acctivate, different windows contain grids for different fields and columns. These fields can often be resized and moved around the grid by users based on their preferences. Acctivate remembers these settings for each user. If desired, a user can

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User Startup Options for Business Alerts and Dashboard Reports

Upon opening Acctivate, users have the option for a few different Acctivate windows to appear automatically. This option is user specific and can be changed in Configuration Manager. To view the options available for Startup windows, go to File >

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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error

If you have received the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error, this is not an Acctivate error.  This error could be caused by installation of new software, and has been reported after installing recent Windows Updates.  The most likely cause is

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Using Remote App with Acctivate

RemoteApp enables you to make programs that are accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services appear as if they are running on the end user’s local computer. This application can be used to provide Acctivate to remote users as well. If

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“Failed to connect to server {ServerComputerName}\{SQLServerInstance}” after restarting server

Sometimes after rebooting the server, users will notice a “Failed to connect to server…” error, which requires SQL Server to be manually started before Acctivate will work. This commonly happens when the SQL instance startup is not set to “Automatic.”

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Acctivate is already running.

If you receive the following message: This is means that Acctivate  has already started and may be running in the background.  Most commonly users may have double click to open Acctivate while the logon screen is behind an existing window.

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Create Users

Users can be setup and maintained in the configuration manager of Acctivate. You can create users and assign specific permissions to that user to limit their access as necessary. Users also have options related to email and startup options. To create

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