“Generic Failure” error when trying to configure mobile printers

When setting up your printers for your mobile devices, you may encounter the following error: This Generic Failure isn’t very self explanatory, but thankfully the fix is pretty simple. To fix this, take the following steps: Open the control panel

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Acctivate Mobile User ID

Acctivate does not require the set up of a separate User ID for mobile users. Any User ID set up in Acctivate can login either on Acctivate Mobile or Acctivate Desktop. Best practice would be to have each employee that

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Printing from Mobile may time out due to printer settings

The Acctivate Mobile webservice allows users to configure which printers Mobile related reports will print from.  If you select to print a report from within Mobile and receive the following error, you should review your printer settings: This request operation

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Changing the Mobile Order show room report

Mobile order showroom gives the ability to create an order on the fly directly from your mobile device. There are a two simple options that come along with this functionality. These options can be found under File> Configuration Manager >

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How to show Kit Components on Mobile Device on the order picking window

In order to display or scan kit components to update the quantity for the kit, follow these steps to enable that option. Go to File > Configuration Manager Click on Mobile then “Order Picking” On the Mobile Order Picking window,

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Configuration options for Mobile Order Picking

Mobile Order Picking options explained.  These options can be found  by going to Configuration Management > Mobile > Order Picking Submitting picked orders Pick complete sales order by default If checked the full ordered quantity is picked from a single lot

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“Access to the path….is Denied” is received whenever browsing to the Acctivate mobile webpage

This occurs when the share permissions on the \\SERVERNAME\Acctivate share is not setup to allow certain accounts. In this case, the IIS_IUSRS account needs to be added in order for the webpage to appear. Go to the Acctivate directory on

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Connecting to a mobile device using MyMobiler

You can remote into a mobile device or scanner using a tool called MyMobiler. It’s very similar to remote desktop however it requires a USB connection either through the charging dock or directly from the device. Ensure the windows mobile

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localhost/accthandheld is blank

The first step in troubleshooting any connection issues with Acctivate Mobile and/or IIS is to review the error code that you receive when attempting to browse to http://localhost/accthandheld from the server where Acctivate Mobile is installed. Usually, those error codes

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“HTTP 404.17 – Not Found” after updating Acctivate mobile to 10.1.0

  You may receive this error after upgrading the Acctivate Mobile web service to 10.1. Ensure that ASP.NET 4.5 is checked and installed under Control panel > Programd and features > Turn Windows features on or off > Expand Internet

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