Connecting to a mobile device using MyMobiler

You can remote into a mobile device or scanner using a tool called MyMobiler. It’s very similar to remote desktop however it requires a USB connection either through the charging dock or directly from the device. Ensure the windows mobile

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localhost/accthandheld is blank

The first step in troubleshooting any connection issues with Acctivate Mobile and/or IIS is to review the error code that you receive when attempting to browse to http://localhost/accthandheld from the server where Acctivate Mobile is installed. Usually, those error codes

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“HTTP 404.17 – Not Found” after updating Acctivate mobile to 10.1.0

  You may receive this error after upgrading the Acctivate Mobile web service to 10.1. Ensure that ASP.NET 4.5 is checked and installed under Control panel > Programd and features > Turn Windows features on or off > Expand Internet

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‘Server error in /Accthandheld Application…’ may be received when updating mobile to version 10.1

You may receive this error because the Application pool for Acctivate is configured to use “.Net Framework 2.0” extension instead of  “.Net Framework 4.5” extension. If you are on Windows server 2012, go to Server manager > Manage > Add

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Enter a Blind Count

The most common procedure for performing an Inventory Count is to first create a count session, then use the count sheet as a guide while physically counting inventory in the warehouse (see the Inventory Counts article). However, that is not

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Mobile Transfers

Mobile Inventory Transfers is a mobile add-on module that allows for inventory to be transferred from one warehouse and/or bin location to another directly from your Pocket PC, which tie into your main Acctivate system. Transfer Inventory on Mobile Device Log into Acctivate on

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Changing the user account for an application pool in IIS

Whenever a new application pool is created in IIS, it will use an account defined by IIS (usually it’s called “ApplicationPoolIdentity”) which is under the “Identity” section. Identities are similar to a “account” you would use to log into your

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Creating a new IIS website for Acctivate mobile

When you install Acctivate mobile, it will use the “Default site” and also a “default app pool”. If you use IIS for any other applications, then it might be a good idea to setup a new site with a different

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Creating a new Application Pool in IIS for Acctivate mobile

IIS utilizes an “application pool” to define application configuration settings. When you install Acctivate mobile, it will by default use the “Default Application Pool” and also the “Default website”. It’s possible that other applications use the “Default Application Pool” and

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“Server error in ‘/’ Application. Access to ‘c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\accthandheld’ is denied” returned after installing Mobile

There are times when right after installing the Mobile module onto your server, you will receive the following message when browsing to “localhost/accthandheld” and clicking on “Install” Server error in ‘/’ Application. Access to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\accthandheld is denied. This just means

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