Batch Updating Workflow Statuses on Orders

With the introduction of the Order Manager in Acctivate 10.2, we’ve included the ability to batch update the workflow statuses of your orders. This eliminates the need to make individual changes to orders and saves users valuable time. For more

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Order Manager Custom Bar

Included in the Sales Order Manager are some standard views of open Sales and Service Orders.  We recognize our users may want to create a custom view of Orders for their unique needs. In the Order Manager, select the “Configure…” button

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Add a filter group to Order Manager to filter out specific dates

The Acctivate Order Manager allows the adding of additional filter groups to buttons, this may be necessary to filter by date. Adding a new Filter Group to a button in Order Manager: Click And Select Add Group When the new

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Examples of Quick Filters in the Order Manager

Within the Order Manager window, users have the option to filter the views by additional conditions. These filters don’t last beyond the time that the Order Manager window is open, but they can be useful to narrow down the data

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Order Manager Quick Filters Are Not Saved

The main purpose for the Quick Filter is to give you the option to quickly sort your standard views to give you specific data that you may need at that moment. When using the Quick Filter feature in Order Manager, it

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